The December Tea Cozy eBooklet and MP3 Audio Conversation

The Gingerbread Cottage of Faith ~ Building Our Daughters’ Faith with Heather Wombacher


“Through wisdom a house is built And by understanding it is established, By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3‐4

In this lovely December Tea Cozy, Heather tells how the Lord wove a beautiful picture in her mind of how we can build our own households of faith. As mothers it is important to be intentional with this task. She found many references in the Bible about building and houses. 

"How exciting it was to work in tandem with the Lord as he guided me through this writing process. What a surprise to see how He made a wonderful word picture for the very call He placed in my heart. I pray you and the special girls in your life will be blessed as you work in together with one another and grow in your faith and your relationship."~ Warmest Regards, Heather Wombacher 

Heather and her husband David are the parents of four children. The Wombachers live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on their version of an urban farm. The owner of The Patchwork Heart Company, Heather is noted for creating whimsical works of art with ribbon, flowers and lavender in which she strives to point the admirer towards the Living God. Heather loves being the Resident Artisan and writer for (The Girlhood Home Companion) where she is able to bless mothers and daughters with fun and meaningful projects that glorify the Lord. 

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