Stepping Heavenward Combo

The Stepping Heavenward Combo consists of: The "Stepping Heavenward" Girlhood Home Companion Magazine

This issue of The Girlhood Home Companion celebrates the Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss, a Christian author from the19th century who wrote Stepping Heavenward, a fictional story about a struggling young woman, Katherine, that has both charmed and challenged Christians throughout the centuries. No other writer of her time presented the gospel in such a winsome manner. From the pages of her journals and personal letters to family and friends, we see how Mrs. Prentiss not only worked out her salvation with fear and trembling, but joy and victory too! Elizabeth Prentiss's writing is as relevant today as it was for the thousands upon thousands of captivated readers of her time.

This new issue of The Girlhood Home Companion will encourage both you and your daughter to view your trials as stepping stones in the upward journey of the heart.


A Glimpse Into the Past: Mother & Daughter Conversation on Audio CD

The cover of the new "Stepping Heavenward" Girlhood Home Companion features a lovely photo of living history reenactor, Caitlin Cassin, which was taken by friend and fellow reeanactor, Annette Bethke. Both women specialize in the Civil War Era and we had the privilege of getting to know them during our research for this issue. When we found out what their specialties were, and the wealth of information they have accumulated from interpreting together in Texas and across the county, we asked if they would consider being interviewed for this issue's companion conversation and they graciously accepted! 

I think what I loved the most was hearing these women talk about different aspects of reenacting and how it has affected their outlook on  life in the present. Caitlin shared an inspiring message about journaling and how powerful it has been to read the accounts of woman who had to rely on the Lord in very difficult circumstances. She has been comforted by the testimonies of God's faithfulness and the fact that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Caitlin also shared how she has incorporated the reading of Stepping Heavenward into her historical Impressions. Annette shared how she became a reenactor and the way civilians had to "make do" during shortages in South, specifically in Texas.

You and your daughter will enjoy the expertise of these talented women and the glimpse they give us into the past from immersing themselves in another time period, and living life to the fullest today!