Stepping Heavenward By Elizabeth Prentiss

There are few books that transcend space and time and Stepping Heavenward is one of them! This Christian classic will give your daughter a vision for what it means to surrender her will to the Lord and dedicate her life to complete service for Him.   

"This charming journal of a nineteenth century girl takes us from her sixteenth birthday to her last entries when she was ill and in her forties, aware that she had very little time left. It is a story of the shaping of a soul - of her learning day by day, in the seemingly insignificant little events of an ordinary life, that deep happiness is found, nor in seeking fulfillment for oneself, but in a glad and free self-offering for the sake of others."

"This book is a treasure of godly and womanly wisdom, told with disarming candor and humility, yet revealing a deep heart’s desire to know God. We need such intimate accounts, need them desperately when the word commitment is so little understood and so seldom practiced. We need to see that love for the Lord really does make a difference, not merely on Sunday, but from Monday through Saturday. We need to be able to enter this woman’s life, her home, her kitchen, and see, as she so generously and honestly lets us do, just what the crucial difference is." ~Elizabeth Elliot

Appropriate for girls age 11 and up.