Pebbly Brook Farm Stories Print Edition

In 1997 we visited one of the farms that my husband grew up on as a boy.

"This is where I caught my leg in the grain conveyer chain, "he told us.

"Your Grandpa didn't believe it was broken!"

"When I was six, I filled a coffee can gasoline and threw a lighted match into it. The flames whooshed up and singed my eyebrows. Boy, did I catch it for that one." 

"Here's the bedroom window I used to climb out of to get to the old oak tree..."

"Daddy, please tell us another one!" our children begged. Painting vivid word pictures of his life as a little boy on the farm was a common occurrence in our home. Over the years "Daddy's" farm stories were woven into the fabric of our children's lives. The constant telling and retelling of them set a longing in all our hearts for a little farmette of our own. We dreamt about the possibilities while driving through the countryside not too far from our home in Northern Illinois. We really didn't expect our desire to be fulfilled, so it stayed in our hearts until some life-changing events thrust us into an unexpected journey of faith.

The birth and death of our fourth child Nicholas Robert, due to Trisomy 13 a genetic disorder, was the catalyst God used to cause us to sell our house and follow Him. But where did God want us to live? Well, imagine our astonishment when He made us aware of a house for rent on a farm not far from one of the farms that Robert grew up as a child. Not only that, the owner was a Christian. The house, which was actually built by my Uncle, a local contractor, sat empty for two years until just the right people came along. Could that really be us? No one else wanted us with our four children and two cats, but this woman of faith saw us as the answer to her prayers.

This is how our "new" country home became the inspiration for The Pebbly Brook Farm Stories. Shortly after arriving, we had some experiences that were worth remembering. Between the antics of the wildlife and the escapades of our four children, new farm stories began to take shape. Oddly enough, some of them fit so well with Robert's childhood farm stories that we realized the past was just waiting to be united with the present.

It didn't take the children long to explore the two hundred acre farm. To the southeast of our house they found a grove of tall grass and young trees. Following a path the deer had made, they came upon a tiny brook just beyond the whispering leaves. Pebbly Brook! A "real" Pebbly Brook. Finally we realized the Lord had given us beauty for ashes. After such a devastating loss, He had given us our heart's desire.

We hope the Pebbly Brook stories are a blessing to you. Gather with your family for a special story time and imagine that you are stepping back to a simpler time, where everyday trials have great purpose in shaping character and where God's grace abounds. Welcome to Pebbly Brook Farm!