Exploring God's Secret Garden Companion Audio CD: Mother-Daughter Conversations

Exploring God's Secret Garden Companion Audio CD: Mother~Daughter Conversations - Diary of a Seamtress
This audio CD consists of an interview with featured 18-year-old Bethany Lynn Stricker from "Diary of a Seamstress," and a narration of Frances Hodgson Burnett's "My Robin" by Jill Novak.   
Bethany Lynn Stricker shares the story of her mother who is creative but didn't sew herself and how she made sure her daughters had the supplies and opportunities to become successful seametresses. With a love for Living History and reenacting, Bethany relates how she taught herself to sew costumes and reproduction quilts, while learning frugal ways to save money with period-looking fabrics from Walmart and The Goodwill. You and your daughter will be encouraged from Bethany's firsthand knowledge of sewing, her passion for modest clothing, and the way she blesses friends and family through the fruit of her hands and the eye of a needle! 
"My Robin," narrated by Jill Novak
Listen to the endearing story of the astounding friendship between Frances Hodgson Burnett and a little English robin named Tweety who resided in a walled rose garden in Kent, England during the early 1900's. This detailed true account was penned in answer to a questions posed by a reader of The Secret Garden who felt that Frances must have known the robin firsthand. You will thoroughly enjoy the real-life tale of the little wild soul who inspired Frances to write many authentic scenes between Mary Lennox and the English robin in The Secret Garden.