12 Month Tea Cozy Bundle-Ebook and audio Conversations

In the course of putting together new issues of The Girlhood Home Companion, I talk to many lovely mothers and daughters about their walk with the Lord, homemaking, and their areas of expertise. I come away from these conversations inspired and refreshed, knowing there is a community of mothers and daughters who are committed to making their homes a reflection of God’s beauty and grace – first for their families, and then for others the Lord brings their way.

Oftentimes, I think about you, dear friends, and how I wish we could gather around my tea table and listen to these precious women share about their life experiences. Well, The Tea Cozy Club™ is a perfect place to make that desire a reality.

The purpose of The Tea Cozy Club™ is to give you and your daughters monthly access to inspiring conversations pertaining to homemaking, godly girlhood and womanhood, plus monthly recipes and resources to enrich your mother~daughter time together.

“It is our goal to fill your teacups to the brim, and your hearts to overflowing!”

Each issue contains an audio interview with a special guest (these can be viewed in the mother/daughter tea cozy category)


• Teas of the Month
Teatime Recipes and Tutorials
• Teatime Quotes
• Teatime Etiquette
• Seasonal Poetry
• Outstanding Homemakers of the Month Award 

12 E-booklets and audio conversations
(1.65 each)