Make Your Own Heritage Recipe Notebook with Jill Novak

What ever happened to the good old fashioned handwritten recipe book? Is it a thing of the past? It doesn't have to be. I’m convinced that we don’t plan to fail when it comes to capturing the essence of our lives as played out every day, but we do fail to plan or see the possibilities, so I hope to give you plenty of scope for your imagination. 

Your recipe book doesn’t just have to be a collection of recipe cards (although that’s okay), but it can be a type of “food-for-the-family-soul” book, too. You can incorporate the elements of scrapbooking, faithbooking (recording your journey of faith in pictures and words), and cookbooking (scrapbooking your kitchen experiences and recipes) into one Seasonal Celebration Book that combines family stories, essays, recipes and entries about everyday moments as they occur around your kitchen table or stove. 

You and your children will treasure this heart-felt handmade recipe book!