March Tea Cozy Club eBooklet and MP3 Audio Conversation

An Interview with egg shell artist, Geri Meyer

After seeing the work of Russian egg artist Fabergé (1885-1917), mother and grandmother, Geri Meyer, was inspired to become an egg shell artist. Geri shares the amazing process she uses to create the most intricately designed eggs (featured in our Tea Cozy booklet). She also shares stories from her wonderful childhood during the Great Depression and the lessons she learned growing up in a large family.

Geri Meyer and her husband Don reside in Wauconda, IL. Married for 50 years, they are the parents of a son, age 50, and a daughter, age 47. They have three grandchildren, ages 18, 7, and 4. She has served as a church organist and choir director at the same church for 57 years. Geri is one of the foremost egg shell artists in the country.

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