Sketch with Me by Jill novak

Teach your child to see as an artist sees with Sketch with Me! 

Does your child know the difference between drawing and sketching? The importance of sketching skills are often overlooked in art curriculums and children can easily miss out on utilizing one of the most powerful tools for acquiring skills of observation.

In this hour long instructional DVD, Jill Novak shows your child how to sketch from life using the most delightful subject matter - a very docile and obliging baby barn swallow. 


Included in this DVD/CD packet are: 

Sketching and drawing footage of live baby barn swallows (large format)

Narrated sketching footage and tips from Jill.

20 still pictures of baby barn swallows to sketch from your computer or print out. 


Learn the story behind Jill's barn swallow discovery and see actual footage of the baby barn swallows that made this DVD possible.